What is Free Basics?

Internet.org was launched in July 2014 as a global partnership between technology leaders, nonprofit organisations, local communities and experts, working together to bring the internet to the two thirds of the world's population that doesn'€™t have access to it.

The initiative includes a variety of projects. Free Basics is one of these and it consists of partnerships with mobile network operators across the globe to provide mobile subscribers with free access to a set of basic websites on their phones€“ with no data charges. Users access these sites through their mobile browsers or through the Free Basics Android app.

Who can apply?

Any nonprofit organisation, social enterprise, government agency or aid agency with digital, interactive content that aims to improve the lives of people.

Who is funding this programme?

Facebook and Praekelt.org are co-funding this initiative in order to enable virtually any social change organisation to take advantage of Facebook's Free Basics platform.

Why are we doing this?

The aim of the incubator is to accelerate the growing number of organisations providing services on Free Basics, allowing over one billion current platform users to access even more life-enhancing services.

Tools and Technical Support

Partner organisations will be given access to a set of tools, designed to make content accessible for first-time internet users, particularly those using feature phones in resource-constrained environments.

This system will allow organisations to manage and publish feature-rich content and services on the Free Basics platform. For a 12-month period, beneficiaries will also enjoy free hosting and limited technical support.

What can I expect if we are selected?

A global platform giving your essential, life-enhancing information access to millions of people across the world - those who need it most

Frequently Asked Questions

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